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It’s been a while since my last post.

Summer is sometimes tough for me.  I’m not really sure why…but I’m finding that for the last few years, I have always struggled with the transition from the school year into Summer.  My son is home with me and balancing working part time, keeping him active and making time for my writing sometimes proves a bit of a challenge within the dynamics of our family.  I have found every time I sit down to write, something pulls me away.

We have had a full and busy summer, making some wonderful memories but also experienced some sad ones.  Very dear childhood friends suffered unexpected losses this summer that really left quite an impact on me.  Many of us exist in our busy lives, just working and living and simply being “busy”.  Then suddenly something can happen that just stops you in your tracks, takes your breath away and reminds you to count your blessings and appreciate each day you are given.  I felt that all too familiar feeling of wanting to be home longer than possible.  I wanted to just stay and freeze time so that I could be there for my friends the way they were there for me 30 years ago when I lost my mother.  Life can sometimes get in the way of our best of intentions but to be so lucky to have connections within our own lives that leave a lasting impact even after being gone so long….

I know I have said this before, but it is worth saying it again.  I always assume everyone I come in contact with is dealing with a mountain on their shoulders.  I would never say to another person, “what do you have to be stressed about”.  But yet, time and time again, I hear those words come out of another’s mouth.  We don’t know what the person in line at the check out counter has just been through.  We don’t know why the person in front of us is driving slower than they should be.  As I experience my own life, and continue to be present in the lives of my loved ones, I try to be mindful of this.  It allows me to be present, compassionate and empathetic.  Something that I know for me, would carry me through the toughest of days.  I feel that we as a society lack empathy and compassion.  I also feel that as our youngest of generations get closer to adulthood, we have to work harder to find ways to help them cope with all of the stimulation that we never had to deal with.

But some of us just struggle more than others.  Some of us are more sensitive.  Why?  Because everyone is different and has their own history as well as their own deck of cards they have been dealt.  There are so many factors that impact each and every one of my days and as I get older I realize the critical necessity to surround myself with compassionate and caring friends.  Some don’t need that.  I do.  I’m lucky to have some of the most supportive people in every corner of my life who continue to remind me how important it is to advocate for myself and ask for help, something I still struggle with.  Some days, it’s harder to find my sparkle than others, but thankfully I work my ass off to find it and have some incredible people cheering me on along the way.  But I have also learned to be kind to myself.  That has been one of the biggest gifts to date…For those of you who need it, be kind to yourself today…it’s a SCORCHER out there!!!

🙂  Happy Summer!!!!

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